Graveyard Keeper Trailer and Impressions

I got an email about this today while i was at school and was unable to check out the trailer. I went onto Twitter between classes and my friend Nelson was singing it’s praise. So all day i’ve been waiting to set down and see what all the fuss was about, every hour the anticipation growing. And i am not disappointed.

For the most part.

Everything that matters has me excited: the game looks fantastic, has a great core concept and seems like it’s going to be a goddamn riot. Bur dear god, i hope they get another voice actor. Whoever they’ve got does certainly have good timing, but his voice just does not work here. I know this may seem petty, but if i have to go through an entire game listening to that voice, i don’t think i’d be able to make it through. That would be a shame, becuase the looks like a game i am going to want to spend a lot of time with.

Prey First 11 Minutes and Impressions

I believe it was Stan Lee who once said “Every Comic is Somebodies First Comic”. He said this too illustrate  the importance of writing comics in a way in which new comers can become long time fins. It is more or less that reason why most games open up with a tutorial: So that anyone who plays, even if they never touched a game before in their life, can learn how to play. A good tutorial can make a game.

This is not a good tutorial.

Yes, it teaches you what you need to know, but the set up feels patronizing. And before going farther i want to point out that maybe that’s the point, and in context that will make since. Maybe that is exactly how the game wants you too feel. But going off this video, the set up just doesn’t make any sense. What exactly is to be gained by doing studies where a grown man….movies boxes? The last bit, with the questions, was okay if a bit trite. I mean, that was the same kind of stuff we talked about in my philosophy 100 class. Other than that, everything here feels like it’s talking down to the player.

Compare that to one of my favorite tutorials: the first level of God of War 1. I still hold that the first God of War was a masterpiece, but a large part of that was in how it taught you to play. By the end of it you killed a fucking hydra, you felt as bad ass as Kratos was said to be. In fact, the guys at Extra Credits did a great video on the topic. I’ll Link it HERE if i can find it. If not….there wont be a link…obviously.

I’m not using this to make a statement on the game itself: i’m still looking forward to it and am really excited to see what the final product is like. The game proper might be one of the best this year, we wont know until it’s released. All that being said, this is still a shit way to introduce the game.

Mothergunship Trailer and Impressions

Can….can you be sexually attracted to a video game? Not a video game character, just the game as a whole. Shit, when i made “Ludophile” a part of my url i didn’t think it would end up being literal. Jokes aside, this looks right up my ally. I never did play Tower of Guns to my great disappointment, and watching this just brought back the yearning i had for it. Plus, with Doom coming back and showing everyone how much fun old shooters can be, its nice seeing the indie scene trying their hands at FPS’s too. Sure this is taking a lot of cues from Bullet Hell shooters, but that’s the great thing about indie games: you get to experiment with genres more freely that AAA games can. And honestly, i’m stoked to see if this works as well as it looks.

Typoman: Revised Trailer and Impressions

With the subheading “Revised” i’m going to assume this is the second or so game in their series. If that is the case: shame on you reader. Shame on you from not bringing this to my attention sooner. I mean, yeah i should be way more diligent in a field i hope to work in someday and probably should have already known about this. But clearly this is your fault becuase i couldn’t be that bad at my job to not have already known this existed. Right? Moving on before i have another extensional crisis….

Typoman: Revised is a game about words, and as i lover of words i kind of love that idea. Sure it looks like it’ll be a breeze for anyone who passed 5th grade, but with the tone and art style, i think that’ll be enough to make this worth checking out. That tone and style has also endured the game somewhat too me as well. And you know what i really like? The tone and aesthetics hearken back to a day when children’s entertainment wasn’t afraid to scare the little shits. There’s a scene near the end where an enemy looks like it’s about to rip off HERO’s head, and it looks freaking gruesome….well, as gruesome as word on word violence can be, but still. It’s like when you think about how Stranger Things would have been a kids movie back in the 80’s, and how little material like that is missing now a days. And i think i’m starting to ramble. Anywyas, looks good, want to give Typoman a spin. How about you?

Want to read my Review for Rise and Shine?

Last month i did a trailer reaction/review for the Adult Swim game Rise and Shine. Well, since then i got a press copy and put a review up. “But William”, i hear you say, “A new review didn’t go up on your site.” Well observed my imaginary, super invested reader. My Rise and Shine Review didn’t get published here. Instead it went up at a new site: IndieGamerTeam.Com! This is where most of my reviews will be going for the foreseeable future. Not all of them, the site is very much aimed at Indie titles, so if i ever get off my ass and finish Final Fantasy 15 (i haven’t been able to play since about the week it came out…fuck my life), i’d post a review for that here. But for right now, You should all go read my Rise and Shine Review (i am pretty damn proud of that one), then you should follow us at IndieGamerTeam, because it wont just be me doing the reviews. We’ve got a few people who want to bring you enjoyable and insightful reviews. We’re like, a squad or league or…some other kind of grouping of professionals who work towards a common goal. There really should be more words for that…  Or if that’s not your thing, you can also follow us on twitter @IndieGamerTeam. And if that’s not your thing…then…why….why are you still reading this. Go home, do something productive with your life. Play some games or something.

Yooka-Laylee: 13 Minutes of Gameplay

With everything I’ve seen from Yooka-Laylee, it’s impossible not to say that i really enjoy the games style.   But while watching this i noticed something, something that’s been building with every trailer for the game that’s come out so far: this looks boring. The video isn’t ever 14 minuets long, and i was checking the time after 90 seconds. That is not a good sign. As I’ve said before, i really want my impressions for this game to be as wrong as they ever could be. But the fact is, in 14 minuets the game showed me very little to really get excited for. To give the footage its proper due, i did think the mine cart but looked fun….until i realized that that’s been done before. A lot. And then i started questioning why there was a mine cart in a casino, but i can chalk that up to video game weirdness.

Maybe the game just doesn’t translate well to a passive experience. That’s what i’m hoping for. As for now though, i don’t think i can lower my expectations much lower.

For Honor Will have an Open Beta Starting Thursday

For Honor, which releases next Tuesday, is apparently still a buggy and unfinished mess, and the developers at Ubisoft Montreal would like your help finding any leftover issues. I mean, unless they’re calling a free weekend Demo a Beta like a lot of other developers seem to e doing these days. But this is Ubisoft we’re talking about, and when have they ever done anything dumb like that, hum? Okay, sarcasm aside, if you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to pick up For Honor, here’s your chance to test the waters a bit. The “Beta” will be held on Thursday February 9 through the 12th. And if you do find a shit load of bugs….Ubisoft must really trust their team if they thing giving them one real day to fix them is a good idea.