LEGO Marvel’s Avengers: Ant-Man DLC Trailer and Impressions

So here’s a thing that’s coming out…..almost a year after it would have been relevant. Don’t get me wrong, i really enjoyed the Ant-Man movie, but this really seems like something they should have capitalized on while the movie was still fresh in peoples minds. I mean, clearly the developers are hoping the name recognition is going to sell this, because the game play looks incredibly bland. Ant-mans shrinking ability doesn’t look like it will offer much in combat, and while i can see it opening up a few interesting set piece i just can’t imagine wanting to play this when there are better superhero games, better Lego games, and even better Lego superhero game. I’ll admit i haven’t seen the right age for the Lego games for a while now, but i’m pretty sure the kids this is marketed too are old enough them selves to want something a little more….interesting.

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