Titanfall 2 Trailer and Impressions

I didn’t play the original Titanfall in part becuase i can’t be persuaded to get a XboxOne, but i also just don’t care much for multi-player focused games. However, i did like the core idea behind the game with it’s speed of movement and combat plus it had big ass mechs. If the game hadn’t been multi-player only it would have been right up my ally.

Two years latter and it would appear that some one at Respawn Entertainment  really wants me to play Titanfall, as it’s sequel is coming to PS4 and is rumored to have a real single player campaign this time around. So now the question is “will the campaign be good enough to draw in players who weren’t interested befor”? We’ll have to wait until June before we can really start making that assessment, but as for right now, color me intrigued. The first game played off enough of my interests that should this one manage to have a worth while campaign, i’ll give it a look.

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