Lab Notes #2: Dark Souls is Even Harder when You Can’t Move Your Arms

This week I’ve been Playing Dark Souls 3, because of course I have. So far I’ve been loving it, and have even tried to upload clips to YouTube for you all to enjoy. That….didn’t quite go right. On top of the PS4’s share button not wanting to cooperate with me and kept taking pictures instead of video, it took 13+ hours to upload 2 15 minuet clips, and when I did the audio sucked, so I didn’t bother to keep them. I’m going to get a USB and just record audio in Audacity, but I’m not sure when that will be.

But yeah, Dark Souls three is out and I promised a review, didn’t I? Well unfortunately it’ll be a little later than I thought. I was hoping to get it done this week, but each of my professors at school decided this week was going to be the one that kicked my ass, and I just haven’t had much time with the game. I’m a few hours in and just reach the fourth area….i think. The “road of sacrifices” is where I’m at now. I’ve only been able to play for an hour or so a day, and I just don’t think i’ve played enough for a review, so hopefully that will be up sometime after this weekend when i’ve been able to really sit down with the game and give it my full attention.

But going back to that whole “school kicked my ass” statement, that wasn’t much o a joke. This was my first real week of gym class, and it took pretty much everything out of me. I haven’t done a lot of exorcising in the last 6 years, so I knew it was going to be hard, but god damn I wasn’t expecting this. I did upper body workouts on yesterday and my arms are still score. To the point were moving them to write this hurts a bit, and I’m not even moving all that much.

I’ve also been playing MGS5 and Enter the Gungon for those times when DS3 kills me one time too many or when I want something a little less intense. Reviews for both will be coming when I’m ready to due them but not until after DS3.

The last bit of gaming news I have for this week is that I just downloaded the Doom Open Beta, so any of you playing on PS4 might see me, look for Ludophile Will. Hopefully my internet concretion is good enough to acctually play online, but I guess we’ll see as soon as this is posted.

I also posted my first editorial to the site and you should all go read it (even though I’m planning on revising it because there’s a few things I feel I left out of it….oops.)

And that’s mostly been what’s been going on in the lab, me complaining loudly because I’m sore as hell wanting to play more games.

Feel free to tell me about you week in the comments section. See you guys next week.

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