Lab Notes #3: Death, Doom and DeathDoom

This is late I know. And that’s part of what I’m going to be talking about but first let’s talk about the good stuff that happened this week. Last weekend I played a bit of the Doom Multiplayer Beta. Had a good time, not gunna lie. I normally don’t care much for multiplayer, but I was really getting into this. I’ve even got some gameplay footage up on my new youtube page.

I also put up my first review! Played a shit load of Dark Souls 3 over the week and now I’m slowly making my way through the catacombs after the first lord of cinder boss (mini rant: fuck the bone ball trap thing. That piece of shit allways hits me just the right way to send me flying off the damn clif and has killed me more than some of the bosses so far). I’d probibly be father, but shorty after putting up the review I got really depressed, and that’s what’s been holding up this writing. Part of that is the normal loss of interest and motivation that comes with depression, but another part is not knowing how much too talk about. In the old days I would have just came up with a line about how school got in the way and kept all the real stuff to myself. But as i’ve decided to try and be more open as a reviewer, I’m some what obligated to get into this kind of thing, aren’t I? So, here goes nothing….

I don’t have many friends. Mostly this is because I’m a massively unlikable prick and have close to no people skills. Around the time I put up the Dark Souls 3 review, my last real fiend moved. This was a good move for them and I’m sure in the long run they’ll be happier for it, but as much as I try to be happy for them, I can seem to get over the feeling of total isolation. And that bring us too the second part of the title: DeathDoom. DeathDoom is a subgenre of Heavy Metal that nixed death metal with doom metal, and it’s my go to music when in a depressive phase. So my week was filled with the Doom Beta, Dark Souls Deaths and a shit load of Death Doom Metal.

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