Lab Notes #4: A Stressful Week

Another late one, sorry guys. Had a backlog of homework that kept me pretty busy yesterday that I’m still not done with. The sheer amount of work I have to do has even forced me to shut down my movie blog as I just don’t have the time or energy anymore to deal with it. Unfortunately that pretty much sums up my week. No matter what I do it feels like more stuff keeps piling on. I plan on getting a review for Enter the Gungon up on Monday but need to get more video footage up, I’ve been plying Nioh Demo, Team Ninja’s Samurai take on dark Souls, but haven’t made it though yet but I plan on talking about that next week, but this week I just have not be able to get much done as my work load seems to be growing exponentially. I’m pretty sure part of this is because Mid-terms are right around the corner, but as much as I appreciate knowing the stress will ease up in a week or so, I still have to deal with Mid-terms coming up.

And while I’m on the topic of school, I need to complain about something. I’m taking a sub-college level math class because math was never my strong suit. I’m guessing the same is true for most everyone in the class, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people are having some trouble with the class. We move pretty fast and with a mostly older set of students I’d say mot people feel ashamed of being in the class in the first place as this is stuff they feel they should know by now and still aren’t getting it. All of that is fine with me. But why does everyone feel the need to spend class time bitching about how much they don’t understand? Not asking for clarification, not asking to go back over a concepts, twice now the class has broken out into an anger choir of “i don’t get it” that wastes so much time our professor can’t get through the days lesson. So not only is the work mounting up and one of the biggest test we’re going to take is coming up, but now we’re not even making it through all the information we need in order to pass.

So that’s been my week: one big ball of stress. Sorry about the lack of content this week, i’ll do more next week.

One thought on “Lab Notes #4: A Stressful Week

  1. No apology is needed! Use this as a stress outlet when it helps but don’t let blogging add stress to a busy life. Things will likely settle down and you can always come back when they do!

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