Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

Before i talk about my fillings on this trailer i want to apologize. The only way i can think to put into words my thoughts on this game is to use a comparison that  some may see as somewhat distasteful. I understand where those issues will be coming from, but please understand that i’m not trying to undermined the importance of these real life issues and those who’s lives have been affected by them. Will that out of the way….

To me this trailer represents the gentrification of the Call of Duty franchise. And for those who don’t understand why i just made a big deal about using this metaphor, let’s talk about gentrification for a minuet. Gentrification is essentially sweeping the dirt under the run on a city wide scale. People and companies move into lower income, usually urban, neighborhoods and pretty much force out the cities inhabitants in the name of “beautification” or “safety”. While on the outside these changes may look good, the real issues affecting that area haven’t really been dealt with. A gentrified location might have a stronger economy and lower poverty rates than before, but only because the poor residents that use to live there have been forced out of their homes by increased tax rates they can no longer afford or their rent controlled apartment being sold and turned into expensive condos. Going back to Call of Duty, that’s pretty much what i’m seeing here, though on a much smaller and ultimately less important scale.

This is an idea that’s been kicking around my head since 2014’s “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”, but it didn’t quite crystallize until now. The last few call of duty games have tried to move the franchise away from it’s image as “the racist game for dudebros” by changing superficial aspects without ever really dealing with the real issues people had with the game. From the looks of it, this game is going to be the apex of that mentality. I mean, just look at the games title: Infinite Warfare. Infinite. Never ending. While the series tries to distance itself from it’s more troubling aspects, it’s still okay telling players that never ending war isn’t an issue. When you factor in the blatant 9/11 imagery used for cheap shock value, i think you begin to see the point i was trying to make: clean up the image but don’t deal with the underlining problems.



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