Lab Notes #5: Alpha and Beta or Attack of the Demos

Lab Notes #5: Alpha and Beta or Attack of the Demos

Before we start: yup, still been playing Dark Souls 3: gotten to Anor Londo, but that’s not the point of this post. No, this has been the week of Demos. I spent the first half of the week playing the Nioh Alpha. You can find my thoughts on that HERE, but the basic points is that it’s pretty good, but there are way too many one hit kills throughout the game. It’s looking like the game will live up to it’s unofficial title of “Samurai Souls”. So far it’s not quite as good as the original Dark Souls, but I found the demo well worth my time and am looking forward to the full release.

I’ve also spent most of my free time today playing the Overwatch Beta. I have to say, i’ve not been as into this one. The “hero shooter” thing is a great idea, but i’ve yet to find a character I really enjoy playing as, and the lag can get insufferable. At one point is was so bad I couldn’t leave the room I spawned in, other times the game just wouldn’t spawn me in. I really hope Bilzzard fixes a lot of these issues before the game releases, because as of right now the game is barley playable. When things are working then it’s fine, if underwhelming, but that’s too often not the case. I haven’t spent enough time with it too do a full write up, but i’ll have some footage up on my YouTube channel sometime this week.

And that’s it: see you next week

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