Lab Noted #6: Dark Souls, Dark Metal and Dark Thoughts

I’ve beaten Dark Souls 3!!!! That’s the big news for this week. For the last few days i’ve been going through in New Game Plus doing co-op, so if you’re playing on PS4 and meet a guy dressed as “Solaire” named Atlus, that’s me!!!! Feel free to have me help out in a boss fight. Also, if you see a message next to a bonfire pointing out that it is indeed a bonfire. Something about the sarcastic yet unharmful nature of the joke has been giving me a kick lately. And for the most part, I still agree with everything in my review: mechanically it’s the best game to date, but I’m just not into the overly linear nature of the world design. There are a few branching paths, but by the time most of the shortcuts have opened up I found I didn’t need them much. Once I finish this run I’m going to finish up Metal Ger Solid 5 for review before finishing Bloodbourn.

And Speaking of Dark Souls, I think I found my new favorite band: Soulmass. These guys are a Florida Death Metal band who’s music is all bassed on Dark Souls lore. And they fucking slay. While i’ve always liked death metla, i’ve always favored the genres more melodic output like Amon Amarth and Dark Tranquility or it’s Doomier side with bands like My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost or Novembers Doom. It’s been a long, long time seine a pure death metal band has really done much for me. But god damn Soulmass is great. If you like metal and dark souls, give them a listen.

I’ve also got to editorials in the works, one about game length, the other about accessibility. I’m hoping to get one up by next week, as well as the MGS5 review, but that may not happen as MGS5 is stupid long. I’m already in the second half and I can tell you I’d probably be done if so many missions weren’t repeated.

I’m also half way through this quarter at school, and in 6 more weeks i’ll be halfway through community college before, hopefully, moving on to a university. And things have been going rather well too. I passed two of my midterms with an 80% and my grades have yet to drop below a 70%. I’ve been doing so well in fact that when I look back at my first three quarters of school, back in 2013 I feel kind of embarrassed I was having such a hard time with everything. I do still wish things would calm down a little so I was able to post more through out the week, and once summer comes i’ll be strapped for cash, but in fairness I’d rather get the school work done first. But as time goes on i’ve been getting kind of worried to tell you the truth. If I can just keep on top of my school work load and post only a few times a week, how bad will things be next year, or once I transfer? I want to believe this is me freaking out over nothing, but at the same time I can’t help but feel like a screw up already and often find myself thinking I should just quite now.

Well, that’s all for this week, hope things are better next time.

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