Lab Notes #7: Maybe Multiplayer isn’t all that Bad

Three Weeks. That’s how long I have left in this quarter! Well, three weeks then finals, but whatever, that’s not important. In three weeks i’ll be half done with my time in community college, and a forth of the way to getting my degree. That has nothing to due with anything else I’m writing about this week, but I’m excited.
So what have I been up too this week you may be asking? Something i’ve never done before and never thought I would: I’ve been playing Call of Duty Multiplayer. I know, I know, i’ve said repeatedly I’m not a big multiplayer guy, so why’d I even try in the first place? Well, after having fun with the Doom Beta and…maybe…having fun with Overwatch I began to think maybe I should give multiplayer games a chance to prove me wrong. So I jumped into team death match in Black Ops 3 (it came with my ps4 when I got it) and i’ve not been hating it entirely. I’m still baffled that this is what took over gaming for as long as it has but it’s been a fun distraction between games (and I needed something fun after the train wreak that was Broforce). Also to my great surprise, no 12 year old’s have been telling my how they fucked my mom while shouting racial epithet! In fact, the chat has been almost dead. Not dead enough to stop me from having to listen to a kid talk about how he wanted to put peanut-butter, jelly and bread sticks up his ass or another new player break down and rage quite, but i’ll take either of those over the classic “Call of Duty Hate Speech Hour” any day.
I’ve also been watching “The Batman”, the animated series from 2008. Not as good as the 90’s show, but a perfectly serviceable Batman experiences and palate cleanser after making the mistake of watching “Batman vs Superman” which really was as bad as I thought it was going to be. As enjoyable as the show it, it has the worst villain designs i’ve ever seen. All the other art work is fine, I like the look of Batman, Bruce Wayne, Alfred and so on, but god the villains look like total shit.

For real, who thought this looked good?

And that’s been about it this week. I didn’t manage to get to the editorial I wanted to write this week, but i’ll get to it at some point, though maybe I should hold off on lengthier pieces until school is out.


Or This?

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