TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan First 14 Minutes and Impressions

Mutants in Manhattan was recently released with little to no fan-fare, which i thought was odd at first. People loved Platinum’s “Transformers” games, and the general concusses surrounding this was that it was looking good. After watching this, i kind of get it. The combat looked repetitive and the quips got old fast. However, i said before this looked like budget title, and i hold by that. I think this games biggest issue is that, even though it is discounted at $49.99, is that its not going to be worth the asking price. With games already expensive and a few seller titles releasing along side it, it’s hard not too look at this video and say “yeah, ill pass” but that didn’t have to be the case. While this does look like it would be tedious to play all the way through, for the right price i would have been willing to pick it up as a breather between more time consuming game. However, if i know that i could just spend an extra $20 and get something better, why not? I can’t say definitively, but i’m sure i’m not alone here either. If this was just $20-$30 i think most people would have been willing to pick it up along side Overwatch or Doom as something for the kids or a light action fix between more demanding titles. To wrap this up, i’m disappointed, but i’m not surprised.

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