Lab Notes #8: Good TV and Dumb Comics

Warning: Spoilers for Captain America: Steve Rodgers #1

Sorry for this being late again, i’ve got two massive assignments for math and journalism that are due soon. This would be bad enough, but with the quarter ending soon all i’ve had time for is getting those two things done. Well, almost. I have had time to watch some new TV shows I want to talk about as well as form a real opinion on the Captain America shit show that just came up.

First thing is just a bit of news, but news I’m super stoked to hear: Season Three of BoJack Horseman has a release date now! It’s about damn time. Like Rick and Morty this is one of those shows that leave you emotionally devastated and have you wondering just where you got invested enough for that too happen. I mean honestly, where does the furry wet dream show about a talking horse get off making me feel things? Anyways, really looking forward to S3 thins June, may rewatch the first two seasons again just to make the waiting less painful.

Also back to my great appreciation: Steven Universe. While I do think the first few episodes of this new season rushed a major plot element, it’s still good to have this show back. Sapphire and Ruby are freaking adorable and I’m so freaking happy the creators have not shied away from their relationship. It kind of seems like every time they’re on screen the creative team just makes them gayer to piss off the “they’re not gay” crowd. A crowd I’m always surprised hasn’t gone away yet. Come on guys, how gay does it need to get before you just admit they’re gay? Do you need an officially licensed porno before getting the picture? If so…’s a kids show man, don’t need that. Jokes aside, I’m really enjoying this season and can’t wait to see more Lapis and Peridot becoming friends, that’s going to be a fun ride.

And last but not least, let’s talk about that Preacher Pilot, yeah? I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I really thought this was going to suck. Preacher is one of my favorite comics of all time, but I didn’t think AMC was going to be able to do it justice. With the amount of crass and fucked up stuff that happens in the comic I thought a TV adaptation would be better suited to HBO or Showtime, but the first episode was pretty damn good. I’m sure AMC will probably censer some of the more extreme events from the comic, or leave them out entirely, but so far the show feels right.

Now I guess we should talk about this Captain America bullshit. So for those who don’t know, Marvel just released a new Captain America book where we learn that Captain America has been in reality a Hydra Sleeper Agent this whole time. This has angered a bunch of people as The charters creators were Jewish and Hydra has been linked to the Nazi’s from their inception (though if I’m not mistaken, newer incarnations of the outfit has moved away from, but I’m not sure. It’s been a while since I was as deep into comics has I’d like to be). My thoughts on the topic: I don’t mind this as much as others do, but its still a dumb idea. There are a few reasons for all of this:


Marvel int creator owned, so doing something outside of the intent of the original creator is pretty much par for the course. Yes, creator rights do need an overhaul in the comic industry, but the idea that “this isn’t what the creator would have wanted” is part of why the characters we love have evolved the way they have.


There are only ever two reasons why these kinds of major shake ups happen: either the fans have been asking for a change that’s really dumb and the company obliges in the worst way to to show fans why they don’t really want what they’re asking (like when Azrael took over for Batman when fans wanted him to be more like other shitty 90’s heros). The other reason is much the same, just without the need for fan outcry. It’s too remind people why the characters status quo is what it is.

The fact is, I’m sure by the time the next Avengers movie is coming out it will be revealed that this Steve I a skrull, deep undercover, in a parallel universe or been brainwshed. Something along those lines. Yes, it’s a dumb idea that could have been handled better, but I’m willing to let this play out and make up my mind once all is said and done. This is, after all, the first issue of an ongoing series and we wont know what the creative team is really planing for a number of months yet. I don’t blame anyone for being upset, but I’d still say it’s premature.

And that’s it for this week. I see you next time, now it’s back to the Lab.

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