Mighty No. 9 Masterclass Trailer and Impressions

This has got to be one of the worst trailers i’ve ever seen. The gameplay doesn’t look all that great to begin with, but what really kills this for me is the voice over. It sounds like it was written by Soos from Gravity Falls if you sucked all the charm out of him. I honestly kind of think this was a first draft that someone mistakenly uploaded instead of the real trailer. That’s the only logical way i can see something this bad getting past any kind of screening process. After so many delays as well as the Red Ash debacle you’d think the people behind this would have done everything possible to make sure this looked as awesome as possible to reassure players, both backers of the project and otherwise, that the game was still worth the investment. Instead we just get some doofus telling us the game’s “awesome”…twice….in the opening line…..God this was such a shit show.

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