Yooka-Laylee Trailer and Impressions

You want to know what i am just loving about video games at this particular moment? A colorful, kid-friendly platformed doesn’t feel out of place. Had this been released in the last days of the PS3 it would almost felt like a breath of fresh air, but now it just kind of seems right, doesn’t it? That makes me very happy. But that wouldn’t mean anything if the game looked like total shit. Thankfully that’s not the case. The only real complaint i have is that the environments look a little underpopulated. Even then, as the lizard so helpfully pointed out, there’s still a few months of development, so this could just be a case of more work needing to be done. And maybe the final games platforming will outshine combat so completely that in game the lack of enemies will go virtually unnoticed. Personally, i think this is looking great and i hope this means other Kickstarted retro-revival projects can manage to not be complete garbage as well. Looking at you Mihty No. 9.


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