Watch Dogs 2 Trailer and Impressions

The original Watch Dogs was one of the most disappointing games I’ve ever played. Aiden Pearce is one of the blandest protagonist i’ve ever played as, the story was moronic, the hacking was didn’t add as much to the game as was promised and the cover-shooter core of the game was uninspired at best. But there was still some fun to be had. While i was just running around and playing with the tools the game gave me i did enjoy myself a great deal. Because of this i was hoping we’d see more from this franchise as i think there’s a lot it can offer, but i’ll also be the first to say it’s the last game that deserves a follow up. If it was up to me i would used the intreating parts of Watch Dog’s frame work and created a new IP to gain some distance from mediocrity.  But that’s enough about my feelings on the first game. How was the this trailer?

It was a god damn abomination. It starts well, i was rater digging the drum beat until the vocals started. The damn thing starts with “I’m A little Tea-Pot”….how am i supposed to take that seriously? And then there are all the god damn memes. You would think that a group of people teck savvy enough to make a game about teck savvy hackers would know fast internet jokes fade from memories, yet here we are….

But okay, okay the trailer is bad, but there are things i like about it. First of all, there was very little combat here. As much as i like action in games i’m glad to see hacking being the main focus. Hell, it looks like the game is headed in a more stealth oriented direction, and i think that plus the hacking could make for an interesting game. Plus, from what i’ve seen here and a few other promotional pics we may be getting a non-white protagonist, and as one of those dirty liberal “games could uses some more diversity” types, i’m pretty happy to see that.

This trailer was offal, but i want the game too be good. I’m not going to say that i’m holding out hope as nothing Ubisoft has done has earned that much trust, but i’ll keep an eye on it, if nothing else than for the sheer morbid curiosity.

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