Cuphead Platforming Gameplay and Impressions

I’ve liked the look of this game ever since i first heard about it, but this is the one thing i’ve always felt the conversations surrounding the game was lacking. Most if not all the videos i saw on the game were focused on it’s boss battles, which look great to be sure, but i’ve been wanting a look at the games actual stages for a while now. Now that i got my wish, let’s talk about it.

Aesthetically the games is absolutely amazing. The 1930’s hand drawn animation style is beautiful to look at and the sound track fits in perfectly, if a bit too jazzy for my taste. However my big take away is that i wished they had chosen a latter level to show off. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the games first stage as it looked just a little too strait forward and easy to get through. For all the fuss that’s been made over how challenging the bosses were i’d think the moment to moment gameplay would measure up to that, but i didn’t really get that impression here.That’s what leads me to think this is an early level, one meant to ease players into what the game  expects from them. That’s all well and good, tutorials are a necessary part of gaming after all, but i was kind of hoping to see what the game will look like when it stops holding the players hand. Really the main issues with the footage shown is that it’s not the most fun to watch. It looks like a fun enough tutorial level, but not what i’d call the best foot forward in terms of what to show off when trying to promote the game. I’m still eagerly awaiting the game, but i’d also suggest putting someone else on promotion.


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