Lab Notes #9: Schools Out For Summer (Schools Out For Ever)

Okay, the title is a little misleading as I still have a year to go before tansfering, but i’ll be damned if I wasn;t going to make the Alice Cooper referance. Anyways, while I do have finals next week, as far as I care, school is done until Suptember. That is also why there wasn’t a Lab Notes last week: had to study. But guys….i’m so happy. My lowest grade is a 78%, more than enough to move me on, plus these last few weeks I’ve just been killing it. But probibly the best thing to come out of this quarter was the results of my gym class. While I somehow managed to put on 10 pouds over the last three months, I imporved on pretty much everything right across the bourd. I even cut down my mile run time by over 4 minuets! I mean, it still took longer than it should have, but that’s pretty damn good progress if I say so myself.

Other than School shit I haven’t really done much these last two weeks. I finally played a bit off “Shadow of Mordor”, a game I got around the same time I first got my PS4 and then never touched. Only played it for half an hour or so, but I was digging the Arkham style combat. Can’t wait too ee more, but will probibly hold off on a review for a while. I got a few games from PS+ I want to talk about (namly Gone Home) before doing any of the more time consiming stuff.

Oh, and E3 is next week! That’ll be fun….right? I’ll be live tweeting the even for sure Tusday and Thursday (I have finals on Wensday so well have to see how that turns out) so don’t forget to follow me on twitter @LudophileWill and join in on the fun, plus i’ll be posting trailer impressions aswell. So that’s something to look forward too.

To wrap this up, I’m just really dmn glad to have some time off school. I don;t feel nearly as burt out as I did at the end of last quarter, so I might acctually maanage to be productive. I’m hoping to post a few editorials I;ve been thinking about for the past few weeks now that I have the time to acctually writer the damned things, plus I kind of want to try my hand at streaming. I need to do a test run on twitch too see if my interest will hold up under the pressure. Tried getting some people together to watch some Enter the Gungon (PS, still just as great as I said in my review. If you haven’t picked this up yet, you should) game play but I wasn’t able too. Aw well, maybe with my new found free time i’ll be able to stress test things.

Well, that’s it for this week. Back to The Lab I Go.

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