Lab Notes #10: A Damn Good Week

This very well may have been the best week of 2016 for me. This has been the kind of week a movie opens with before the main characters life turns to shit so the viewer knows just how shitty the new status quo is. So if next week I’m complaining that I’ve caught the plague or something, know that it’s my punishment for being too happy or some other Twilight Zone shit.

The week started with E3, and to my surprise this years show wasn’t too bad. There were defiantly a few dull as shit conferences (looking at you PC Gaming Show), but all in all I was rather happy with this years showing. I’ve been meaning to do some trailer impressions for what was announced, but I was too busy working on a new editorial. And that leads me to the next thing that made this week so great.

Near the start of this year I said I wanted to get a piece of work Liked or Reblogged by Bob Chipman, Laura Kate or Jim Sterling (I’d also be happy with Joe Parlock, but I didn’t become a fan of his work until after I wrote the piece), and last week I fucking did it! I sent Moviebob a link to my “A Little Less Violence….” since I mentioned him in it, and he re-blogged it on twitter! From there it got retweeted a few more times and accumulated a shit tone of likes as well. By the days end it had been read over 150 times, the most any of my work has been looked at. That’s literally one of the big things i’ve wanted to accomplish this yeah, so even if that was all I did this week, it would be near impossible to make this week better. But then on wednesday I took my math final, passed with the highest grade in the class. I had no doubt that I was going to pass, but I never imagined I’d do that well.

And that’s been my week, one pretty damn good thing after another. If the rest of the summer can be at least half as good to me as this week has been, then its going to be a freaking great summer. Well, it’s back to the Lab for me, hopping to finish the new season of “Orange is the New Black” some time this week, and maybe play enough of “Shadow of Mordor” to get a review up soon. I hope your week has been as good as mine, and if not, may this week be better.

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