We Happy Few 15 Minutes of Gameplay and Impressions

We Happy Few is one of those games i’ve wanted to get into but never quite understood the appeal of. I had mainly only been keeping an eye of this because it had the backing of Jim Sterling, but i’ve never seen anything from the game that really hooked me personally. Well, part of that has changed.

After watching this and the E3 demo/trailer last week i’m very much into the Bioshock meet 1984 meets Equilibrium thing the game has going, and that pinata scene was near perfect, but the game play still just doesn’t look all that great. While it doesn’t look as slow as previous game play footage, i’ve yet to see anything from this game that makes me want to get  my hands on it. The way this is shaping up, We Happy Few is going to be one of those games that may be more fun to think about than it is too play, and that kind of sucks.

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