Some Very Good People Could Use Your Help

Yesterday i learned that Destructoid laid off their entire UK team of Laura Kate, Joe Parlock and Vikki Blake. These three were putting out some of the sites best output and were the main driving force behind me wanting to someday work for the site, so seeing them go has been heart breaking. But there is a potential upside to this: Laura wants to bring the other two into her fold and has added a new tier on her Patreon to help her do so. These three have proven to be a great team and seeing that team get broken up would be a lose for the gaming community in my personal opinion.

People losing their jobs has become something of a theme in games journalism over the past few months, and being able to help ease the strain of unemployment is always appreciated. As soon as i have some money i very much intend on throwing some cash at these guys and if you want to help, here are links to do so:

Laura’s Patreon (only around another $700 needed to put Vikki an Joe on payrole)

Joe Parlock’s Patreon

Vikki Blake doesn’t have a Patreon, but i didn’t want it too look like i was ignoring her.


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