Lab Notes 11: Lets Watch TV

So this week I want to talk about some of the things I’ve been watching because I deleted my movie blog and I’ve watched some good shit in the past seven days.
First off as it’s the most recent: Ip Man 3. These are a series of films about the life of famed Martial Artist Ip Man, who is probably best known for teaching Bruce Lee to fight. I have no clue how accurate these films are, for all I know they could all be 100% bullshit, but they are so, so good. Donnie Yen, who plays the titular role, portrays the character in such a charismatic way that I found it hard not to get sucked in. And the fights….dear god the fights. Director Wilson Yip makes the fights throughout each film look so damn good and easy to follow that it’s kind of amazing that there are still directors who just can’t seem to get this right. Anyways, 8/10 would recommend.
Next up, season 4 of Orange is the New Black. This is probably the best the show as been since season 1, but my recommendation comes with a huge asterisk. A pretty big plot point revolves around the death of one of the shows LGBT characters, and with the tragedy of Orlando still looming in the minds of many, I’d say give this some time if you feel you need it. I disagree with those who are calling the show “trauma porn” (I mean, the show is about how fucked up the prison industrial complex is. It would be kind of hard to express that with out…you know….showing the prison industrial complex being kind of fucked up) but I do agree that airing this only a week after those events isn’t going to be an easy sell for many. But yeah, super good. After a pretty dull season 3 it’s nice to see the show get back on track.
Last Up: Preacher. I have really been liking this show. More than I thought I would in fact. The comic it’s based on was just so messed up in a lot of ways I didn’t think AMC would be able to handle it, but so far they’ve done pretty well. It’s not super accurate to the comic from what I remember, but I feels right, which is more than I can say for shows like The Walking Dead. However, most of the comic was centered around the main Character, Jessy, looking to find God (literally) to use his newfound supernatural powers to make the Big Man answer for His sins. The show….has not gotten that far, and after four episodes it’s starting to feel like they are really dragging out the core concept. It a testament to just how good the show is that I haven’t gotten bored with it already. But if they could just hurry up and get on with things, I wouldn’t have an issue with that much either.
Well that’s it for me, so back to the Lab I go.

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