Blood for the Blood God Trailer and Impressions

I’ve been meaning to write something about this for a while now, but i wasn’t sure what to say. My biggest issue is that the dev team at Creative Assembly have pretty much found a way to sell an M Rated game to an underage audience (literally one of the major stigmas the game industry has been fighting against) by adding M-Rated content post-release. At the same time it’s hard for me to care when my basic stance on this kind of thing is “be a better parent and pay attention to what your kids are playing if it bothers you”. To a large extent that still applies here and at this point in time it’s also hard to believe that a parent buying or allowing their kids to buy DLC don’t know enough on the matter to ever warrant the discussion. In the ends i think the answer to “Is Making a T-Rated game M with post release content” is going to be focused on just what that post release content has to offer. If all Blood for the Blood God has to offer is Gore effects, then i really can’t say i care. But if the content it adds feels like an essential part of the experience, like an expansion to the campaign and so on, then i think we are going to have to have a talk about the implications of this kind of thing. For right now though all i can really do is sit and wait.

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