13 Minutes of Battlefield 1 Alpha Gameplay and Impressions

This looks really good but part of me can’t help but wonder what it means that we’re turning this war into a for fun shooting gallery. World War 1 is still the go to example of the futility of war, yet this is asking us to just ignore those lessons. Maybe i’m thinking to hard about this, but something just feels off about using certain events as the backdrops for these kinds of digital paintball matches. Maybe that’s why i don’t mind BO3 as much as i once thought i would: it’s too disconnected from reality for me to really get upset about anything (multiplayer wise, the campaign is still garbage). As well polished as this looks and as much fun as i can see myself having playing the game, i just can’t see myself spending the money for it. I’m not as disguised by the thought of this game as i was  with Battlefield Hardline, but the feeling is far too similar.

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