Evolve is now Free to Play on Steam

The asymmetrical multiplayer game Evolve is now free to play on Steam with Xbox One and PS4 support to follow after the PC beta according to PlaystationLifeStyle.Net. While the game wasn’t exactly well received at launch most of the negativity was surrounding its steep price point, lack of content and season pass, all of which should be a non-issue with the switch to free to play. According to the trailer and expanded upon in the PlaystationLifeStyle article all the games content will be unlockable with in-game currency. As it is with most free to play games this will probably be a bit of a grind to facilitate microtransactions.

While it’s easy to be snarky at this new info (like by saying this decisions should have been made sooner) i find it a bit hard too with all the work the dev team has done to make this happen. Maps and UI are getting an overhaul, team compositions are being reworked as well as progression and customization option. It seems like the team at Turtle Rock Studios are proud of the game they made and are making an honest attempt to get people to pay attention to it outside of it’s initial release bullshit.

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