Overwatch: Ana Introduction Trailer and Five Minuets of Gameplay

The first of Overwatched new (and if i remember correctly, free) charter updates will be arriving soon so meet Ana, the new support character. From what i understand the character is canonically the mother of Pharah, although i’m not sure how many people care about Overwatch’s cannon.

The Character uses a sniper rifle that can hurt enemies and heal allies (wich was porbibly Blizzards way of appeasing those who wish they could shoot bad team mates in the face). From the looks of things this will give allies a pretty big health boost, but you have to be able to hit them with accuracy (not always easy to do in a fire fight) and no word has yet been given as to if head shots will preform a critical heal the way landing one on an enemy does more damage.

Ana also comes with a tranquilizer pistol that can knock enemies unconscious and even interrupt ultimates. The characters reawaken when they take damage and i’m not sure how long the effect lasts for, but it’s a pretty safe bet you wont be able to just knock out every one on the opposing team and carry off with the payload.

Lastly, Ana’s Ultimate increases an allies damage out put and speed while lowering the damage they take, which will make however players choose to use the ability on a force to be reckoned with.

Personally i haven’t played any Overwatch after the Beta (My Thoughts on That HERE, if you’re interested) as i’m too broke to pick up a copy so i can’t say if she’s going to be a good fit for the game, but i think Ana looks like a lot of fun and knowing she’ll be available when i do get the game makes me rather happy. I’m not too sure when the character goes live, but you can look forward to playing her sometime in the near future.

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