In the Wake of Gambling Controversy Valve may finally start Moderating Steam

I Love Steam, but it’s hard to praise Valve too much as their lessay fair attitude to moderating the site has allowed for a lot of bullshit to filter though. Well, that might be changing soon as in an unprecedented attempt to reign in steam related issues Valve will start sending out cease and desist letters to gambling sites that use Steam assets. In the statement form Erik Johnson it was even noted that Valve would “… further pursue the matter as necessary”.

It’s been made clear that this is due to the back lash when two youtubers started advertising one of these gambling sites without discoing they owned  and were profiting off it. Now all that remains to be will this new found ownership over steam issues mean Valve will start cracking down on shoddy developers using their site. Will games using stolen art still be able to use the green light system to get on steam? Will developers who censor negative criticism still be able to operate freely on the platform? Will Valve finally take ownership over their site? I don’t know, but last year i would have imagined Valves response to this Controversy to be “not our problem” and leave it at that, so this may be the first steps in the right direction.

For those interested you can read Erik Johnson full statement HERE.

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