Market Synergy: Sponsored Locations soon to Exploit Pokemon Go Users

I. Fucking. Called it.

John Hanke, CEO of Pokemon Go developer Niantic, has recently announced that they will soon be allowing  companies to become locations on the in-game bored. According to TheVerge.Com  companies will be charged by a “per visit” model, meaning it will be in Niantic’s best interest to funnel as many users to these locations as possible. From experience working in a McDonald’s i can already tell you that most of these establishments will have a “Wifi for paying costumers only” policy in place. On the plus side, at least this means poorer players wont be a threat you your gyms, amiright?

As angry as i am over this i would be remiss not to point out there is one potential upside to this as well: increased visibility to local businesses. While i can’t say this makes the model any less aggravating for me i also can’t say i’m totally against mom-and-pop shops using this to gain more foot traffic. While i know nothing is likely to topple the Wal-Marts and other mega corporations of the world, anything that pulls business away from them is something i’m willing too tolerate, even if i curse it at the top of my lungs everyday. The real question now is “will the expense be worth it too smaller businesses, or will the price not be justifiable when compared to the sales being made off these new found costumers?”

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