Destructoid UK finds New Life at LetsPlayVideoGames.Com

A couple of wees ago i wrote about how the Destructoid UK were suddenly and let go and that they needed help starting a new project. In just a few days fans had stepped up to the plate and now the it’s paid off: Let’s Play Video Games has gone live. The creative team of Laura Kate, Joe Parlock and Vikki Blake were and continue to be one of the most inspirational groups in the world of games media and i for one am looking forward to delving into the site and consuming everything the three have put up so far. If you enjoyed the game and tech reviewers, news and editorials these three did for Destructoid, Let’s Play Video Games will now be your one stop shop for all of their content.

You can find all of the new content over at

You can help support the site at Laura Kates Patreon

You can also kick Joe Parlock a few bucks on his Petreon.

You cannot give money to Vikki Blake through Petreon as she doesn’t have one, but should that change, i will inform you all.

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