Lab Notes 13: Strange Swiss Army Things and Other Tales

Last week I said I was going to start a new goal for this blog by writing and posting at least 1000 words a day. I haven’t quite made it this week, but I do have to say that i’ve been rather happy with the results. On Monday I actually made it because of my Bloodborne Review and on Tuesday and Wednesday I was only a couple hundred words shy. Thursday tho….Thursday was hard. I only made one post because I was just exhausted. I literally woke up and in an hour needed to go back to sleep and for most of the day I was just nap.

On on to the more interesting stuff. “Saw Swiss Army Man” this week. Holy Hell was that a great movie. I can honestly say I’m expecting this to be near the top of a lot of years best lists once December and January role around. The movie is about a corpse with super powers and if that doesn’t sell you then we probably can’t be friends. While watching it I was reminded of all the jokers me and other boys got in trouble for making in sixths grade but elevated to pure art. I mean the line “when I masturbate I’m going to think about your mom” is said and it’s not cringy or juvenile but actually kind of sweet in context.

Along those same lines i’ve also been watching Stranger Things on Netflix. The show feels like a Stephen King story although it’s not from what I can tell. It’s about a group of DnD Playing Kids who git mixed up in a supernatural conspiracy when one of their friends goes missing. It’s only eight episodes and at the time of writing I’m on episode five but so far this may be one of the best things Netflix has produced. Not quite as good as House of Cards or Jessica Jones but much better than Orange is the new Black and DareDevil, and I loved the shit out of both of those (for the most part) so that comparison doesn’t come lightly. I was a little hesident going in as the main stars are a group of kids and I normally hate children actors (and in general if we’re being honest) but the creative team did not cast these kids on a whim. While the adult actors still outside the young ones there is literally not a bad actor among the lot.

Well, that’s it for this week. You Can find me back in the Lab

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