Star Citizen Free this Week

I can’t get excited for Star Citizen. Not only am i pretty sure my computer wont be able to run it, it’s also joined the “over promised to the point of never being able to live up to expectations club”. By around the third or fourth time i heard about the game i was sick to death of it. But now the game has a chance to prove me wrong: Star Citizen is free this week. If interested, go to THIS WEBSITE and enter the code “SUMMERFREEFLY2016” after making an account. The promotion ends this Friday, so you better be quick about signing up.

3 thoughts on “Star Citizen Free this Week

  1. If I were to ever get into a MMORPG space game this one would be it. But the cost of upgrading a PC to support it, the time it would take to play, it will likely just remain a vague dream. I will say it has been over 4 years since I have first heard of the game and still it is not finished so I will certainly be waiting till it is finished.

    also the link you provided gives a 404 error on the RSI website…


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