Minecraft Story Mode Episode 7 Trailer and Impressions

The last time i even thought about Minecraft: Story Mode Laura Kate had been doing a Lets Play, but had to stop as episode 5 had not been released yet. And now out of nowhere episode 7 is being released next week and i’m completely lost.

For this trailer it would appear that a Shodan-esk AI has taken over and it is up to our heroes to deactivate it. In order to do this you must dive into the virtual world with a VR-like head set.

While Minecraft Story Mode had it’s charm i was never draw to play it. I’m guessing by the complete and total lack of fanfare surrounding episode 5 and 6’s release i’m not alone in that. So will this new episode bring people back, or should telltale just move on? Only time will tell i guess.

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