Batman: The Telltale Series Trailer

When this trailer started and a big “M for Mature” rating popped up i very nearly just closed out the window and decided to give up hope on the game. Don’t get me wrong, i love Telltales work, but over the past few years i’ve also come to understand that “Mature” interpretations of Batman also tend to be Boring interpretations. But i stuck it out and i’m honestly a little surprised with how the trailer came out.

My main issue with “gritty” Batman is that these stories always seem to push Batman closer and closer to anti-heroism or pure villainy to do it. In Arkham Knight he almost runs over a dudes head…

…he strait up kills people in Batman v Superman…

…and the less i say about Frank Millers take on the character, the better.

But that doesn’t seem to be the way Telltale is heading here. Instead the M rating seems to be more because of an unwillingness to back away from the awful things the true villains do rather than trying to make Batman himself more villainous. That’s enough for me to at least hold my interest until reviews start popping up.

Now the real question will be how Telltale makes thier style of game work with a more action orientated character. With my only real exposure to Telltales work being the Walking Dead games it’s hard to see how that style of game would work with Batman. Sure the Walking Dead had it’s action beats, but there were done in a way that invoked the tension of the world the characters lived in,  so the fact that the combat wasn’t exactly smooth was a big plus for those games, at least too me. I can’t see that working with Batman. Before seeing the trailer i would have said that they should have just focused on the detective aspects of the character and leave fighting to cut scenes, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case. This will be interesting to watch unfold, if nothing else and I look forward to seeing the critical reception this when episode one is released next month.

One thought on “Batman: The Telltale Series Trailer

  1. Tales from the Borderlands had really solid action beats that felt more like Marvel set-pieces than the more horror tinged stuff in Walking Dead. That might be more the speed of this game. The trailer has my interest, but I want to see what the buzz is before I jump in.


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