Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Gameplay Impressions

Infinite Warfare has had it’s ups and downs with it’s marketing so far. When it was first announced i was kind of annoyed at just how much the apex of dudebro gaming was taking from classic sci-fi iconography, but when E3 came around (and i found myself actually getting into Black Ops 3 multiplayer more that i thought i would) the game didn’t look too bad. There was an energy to the game play shown that hasn’t been present in the series for years now.  However, until now we haven’t gotten a really look at any uninterpreted game play. Now that we have we have the franchise once again dives head first back into mediocrity. While the idea of a more story driven Call of Duty is a pretty interesting idea, watching this it obvious that, at the very least, the single player will be as dull as always. The only time things livined up was in the space section, but i’m willing to put money on that being on rails. I’m sure the multiplayer will what fans are expecting, but my anticipation for this has pretty much died out a little.

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