Lab Notes 14: Dealing with Negativity

This week I got my first real taste of unrelenting negativity regarding something I wrote, and I swear that was enough to make me question how serious I am about going down this path. I posted my article about Pokemon Go allowing for sponsored locations to a facebook group I’m in and was bombarded with comments telling me I was an idiot. To be fare it got about 20 comments, but coming from the people it was coming from really messed with me a bit. That was on Monday and I have been feeling like shit about it all week. I’ve dealt with one or two stupid people before, but this was the first time I spent hours getting messages that made me hate myself for posting something. I don’t know how more popular/important people deal with it. At almost the same time Leslie Jones started getting a lot of racist hate on twitter and I am honestly in awe that she’s managed not to just go postal over it all. Even with this being minor shit(i don’t think any one was trying to be malicious) and i’ve always been one of those “liberal SJWs” who think maybe we shouldn’t attack people online, this really made a lot of those stories more understandable than I would have liked.

Like I said, this even had me considering how much I really want to do the whole “games journalism” thing. At the very least this reinforced my resolve, because after a while the thought of doing anything else was even more devastating than the messages were.

In the less depressing part of my week, i’ve been playing Furi. I had been started Zombie for review, but once I got the chance to play anything else I leapt on it without looking back. Zombie is pretty terrable, Furi is not. I think I’m on the last boss, but I’m not sure. I’ll write a review once I’m either done or deeper into it, but the basic overview is that the game is pretty damn good. Hard as Hell, but good.

That’s pretty much it. Until next week I guess.

2 thoughts on “Lab Notes 14: Dealing with Negativity

  1. Hey, thanks for sharing this. Don’t let them get to you, man. No matter what they said, remember that you matter. You matter beyond what you post and what others say. So just keep doing what makes you happy, and don’t let anyone rain on your parade. We’re all in this together, so keep it up!

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