New Looks and Abilities for Old Pokemon in Sun and Moon

There is a lot of information packed into this video, but two things stand out to me: The Alola Forms and Z-Moves. The Z-Moves are once-per-battle mega attacks that will probibly take the place of mega-evolutions from X and Y. I’m more or less okay with this, as there are over 700 pokemon across 7 generations of the franchise, stuff like this is needed to shake up the formula and keep old fans on their toes.

I think the Alola forms are aiming for the same idea, but i’m not sure how i feel about them. The basic idea is that these are new designs for older pokemon, but it also changes their types and attacks as well. This could be an interesting new take on the core concept, but the video leaves a lot off questions. Will these Alola forms replaces the normal versions of characters? Will players be able to switch between Alola and Normal forms at will? These are the kinds of things i wish had been answered here, but sadly we’ll just have to wait until release to find out. Overall, as someone who stopped playing pokemon around the second or third generation, this looks fresh enough to reignite my interest in the series, and i may have to make a point of picking up a copy this November.

One thought on “New Looks and Abilities for Old Pokemon in Sun and Moon

  1. I share your sentiments. I want to like the Alola forms, even that abomination of a palm tree, but I don’t know how I feel about them just changing up the typings and looks of Pokemon we already know. I’m fine with Megas, but this feels like a palette swap. Z-Moves could change the metagame much like Megas did, though we’ll have to see what the rules are for these attacks. I like it overall. I’m just concerned with how we’ll see the original Pokemon going forward, especially if they just make ice forms and extend their necks, haha.

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