Prey Gameplay Trailer

Well, it took almost two full days, but i no longer feel like a walking corpes, so lets talk about some muthafukin games, yeah?

My main take away from this trailer is that it looks like a mix between Dead Space and the original Bioshock (although the outer space setting should remind me of System Shock, but sadly it never does).While i never played Dead Space i had always meant to go back and give it a go, and i loved Bioshock, so Prey calling those to mind isn’t a bad thing but it’s impossible not too be a little disappointed when i think back to the original Prey 2 trailer from 2012. I was really excited to hunt aliens in a Bladerunner style city and to see that completely abandoned is somewhat disheartening. Be that as it may, what’s here looks good and i eagerly await more footage.

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