Streets of Rogue Trailer and Impressions

The email i got about this game said it was like “Nuclear Thrown meets Deus Ex”. I do have to admit, a procedurally generated version of Deus Ex does sound pretty awesome. As something of a noob to rogue-likes however, i do have to ask if a radomly generate layout can really be suited for multiple play styles. If done poorly i can see no end to the frustration of wanting to play one way only for the layout of the sessions maps not being comparable enough for it. Luckily, it’s in open alpha at the games official website, so interested players can give it a look and comment on any balancing issues the game may have. I play on giving it a spin sometime soon, and i’ve have a full write up on it once i’m done with that. As for right now though, the game seems like a fun enough time.

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