Echo Gameplay Trailer and Impressions

The title for this is a little misleading, becuase it’s not really the game i want to talk about. But before i get into the meet of my potential issues, this looks really damn good. The idea of the player dictating the conditions of the A.I. is really interesting and i’d love to get my hands on a copy to test out how that is supposed to work.

But what i want to talk about is something different. On the games official website there’s something that concerns me. ON the games fact sheet says the game is going to be on “PC and unannounced consoles”. This seems to imply Neo or Scorpio exclusivity. If that’s true, that pisses me off greatly. From what i was lead to believe the base line PS4 and Xbox One were still going to be….you know….the base line for console releases. One of the major issues people had with these announcements was the idea they would make older consoles obsolete, and this might be the first validation of those fears.

Now, it is possible Ultra Ultra are planing for this to be the first game for the PS5 and Xbox “Whatever stupid thing Microsoft wants to call this one”, but i kind of doubt that. It’s possible this is a piss poor attempt to advertise that it will be on the Neo and/or Scorpio and the exclusivity implication is just due to them not thinking things through. I’m going to attempt to get clarification. But lets be honest, that probably wont happen.         

One thought on “Echo Gameplay Trailer and Impressions

  1. Wow yeah I thought I remembered both Sony and Microsoft at one point stating the original consoles were still going to be a baseline for developers. But I am not surprised if exceptions begin to be made…anything to push you to upgrade and buy a new console just after 2 years…

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