A Week After LetsPlayVideoGames.Com Reviewed It, Sony Announces the PS4 Slim


It turns out that the “totally fake” and “3D Printed” PS4 Slim that Laura Kate reviewed on LetPlayVideoGames.Com last Tuesday was neither totally fake or 3D Printed. Who knew? Sony announced the console at today’s Playstation Meeting with a release date of September 15th and a $300 price point. On top of that they also unveiled the “PS4 Pro”, the upgraded system that was know as the “Neo” or “PS4k” before today’s event. While most of the Pro conversation sounded more like a sales pitch more than important information, it did have an impressive showing at the event, showing how it will boost the graphical quality for already released games. However, the most important piece of news regarding the Pro was it’s November 10th release date and $400 price tag. If the Pro can do what it’s advertising, it seems like a fair price to pay for the upgrade if you care about 4K resolution or having the best visual presentation. Personally, i think i’ll stick to the one i got, but that’s just me.

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