Valve Digitally Murders Digital Homicide


After stupidly trying to sue Youtuber Jim (Fucking) Sterling (Son) it would seem like the duo behind Digital Homicide have found something they enjoy just as much as making awful games: filing moronic lawsuits. That’s right, if you said anything negative about these two shitlords, you may be one of the 100 anonymous steam users who are being sued. While this is so goddamn stupid i want to believe it’s an Onion or Point and Clickbait article, sadly this is in fact a real news story. But don’t fret children, there is an upside to this as well. While Valve was more than happy to let DigHom rip off players their a flood of asset flip “games”, suing steam costumers seems to be their line in the sand. All of Digital Homicide’s games have been removes from Steam, as well as their greenlight projects as well from what i’ve been told. That means that the only storefront carrying their games is no longer willing to deal with them. Sadly i can’t say for sure if this means any future games by the duo will be available or not, but we can hope Valve sees the value in keeping them away. We can also hope that this will end up as a warning other asset flipping garbage pushers, but i wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

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