Lab Notes 16: The Reason There Were No Posts This Week

Hi all, long time no see. You know, for something that was supposed to be a weekly thing, it sure does seem to take longer and longer for me to get these done, doesn’t it? Yeah, sorry about that. Truth be told I’m just kind of a boring person and don’t want to spend week after week telling you how I haven’t done much. But today I have something I kind of need to talk about, because when I try with the people I know the conversation just devolves into an argument. However, I am going to have to be a little vague. This doesn’t just affect me, but a lot of people I know and I don’t want to embarrass them should they ever read this.

So, I started school again this past Monday. This is the start of my second year of collage and everything seemed to be going pretty damn great. I got home that first day feeling like I could have conquered the world if I wanted too. That feeling only lasted a few hours. Due to a few semi-traumatic experiences later, I’ve been living with the very real shadow of potential homelessness hanging over my head almost all week. That’s were my head has been at pretty much all week. Things have cooled down a bit, and like I’ve already been planing I should have until next quarter to move out of my current place, but I wasn’t sure that would be the case until yesterday. When you add that too school, homework and work study, something had to give. And unfortunately as I’m not getting paid for this, that’s what I had to drop like a ton of rocks. Knowing where I stand know has lightened the load a bit, at least mentally, so I am going to start making an honest attempt to start posting again. Hell, I’ve got two reviews already done, I just need to find a time when me and my editor can go over them. So there’s that too look forward too.

On that same note, let’s get into some happy topics, yeah? I got a new computer! Now i’ll be able to run pretty much everything that gets sent too me so I wont have to worry is my shitty laptop will be able to handle it before asking for codes. I’ve got a few games already that I haven’t been able to play that i’ll make some time with and review in the coming weeks, which I’m really excited for. I’ve been playing a lot of Overwatch too. At least on quickplay I feel it’s a pretty easy going game, so it’s been my main stress reliever.

And that’s been about it for me. I’ll see you all back in the lab on Monday….I hope.

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