Digital Homicide is Dead! Dead! Helleluyah!!!


What do you get when you try suing both your costumers and one of the only store fronts willing to house your work? Bankrupt, that’s what you get. In an interview with the Development Duo said that “The case dismissal was only due to financial reasons caused by the removal of our games”, though they failed to mention that their games were removed for…you know….suing steam customers. Wow, it’s almost like these two have no form of self awareness whatsoever. Who’da thunk?¬†Personally i think this news is long overdue. Once DigiHom showed more creativity in getting into pissing matches with nay-Sayers than they did making games, i couldn’t see any point in Steam continuing to sell their games. In a year filled with so much stupid it’s nice to know there’s still some good in the universe.

PS: 10 awesome points to anyone who got the Vader reference in headline/

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