My Adventures in PC Gaming

On September 19 school started, and with it my financial aid money came. After getting the books I needed for the quarter I came home and bought the required parts to build my first ever gaming PC. I had found a site that had PC builds broken up by price range that I used to get all the parts. I went for the $600 model and even splurged a little for a podcasting mic and a mouse with remapable buttons to make getting screen shots easer. On top of that I even got one day shipping to get the parts as soon as possible. With all the additional cost the first perches I made was just over $800, but it would be well worth it, or so I thought.

All of the parts came in about a week later, and I had a friend help me put everything together, which took up most of that day. After over a week I finally had my very own gaming PC. I used an HDMI cable to hook it up to my TV (I had gotten the tv I got because it said it could was PC compatible), I turned on the computer and…nothing happened. I assumed this was because I was lied to about my TV’s capabilities, so I sighed and just bought a monitor for the computer. That came in about a week later, but again, it was all going to be well worth it once I….god fucking damn it. The monitor didn’t come with the right kind of cable to hook into the computer. Because of this I had to go to my local tech store to get one. But with school and work study, this means the only day I have free that the store is also open is Saturday. And on Saturday one of the buses I need to get on to get to the tech store run hourly. Because of this I had to wait for an hour at the buss plaza, only to get off more than a few stops prematurely. It took a little time to find the store, but I finally got there. Within an hour I had found the cable I had needed and was ready to head back home. Once again, all would be worth it once I got my games up and running. I got home, hooked up the computer monitor to my computer and…..motherfucker! Once again, nothing happened. I tried repeatedly to get my computer to work, but each time the monitor kept saying there was no signal. A few days later I asked the friend who put my computer together to take another look at it. It turned out they had missed exactly one connection that made the computer pretty much useless.

This time, it worked. I had my computer up and running. In a few hours I had steam downloaded as well as one of the games i’ve been playing for review. On my Laptop the game ran at around 30fps on low settings, so I couldn’t wait to see how the new PC handled it.

It ran at a max of 9fps. It was unplayable. My new, almost $1000-in-total gaming PC could not handle a simple indie platformer that my $200 store bought display model laptop could. I was pretty much broken at this point. I didn’t know what to do. So I decided once again to take another trek up to the tech shop and have the professionals look at it. I had asked on the phone how much that would cost (thinking that my friend just set it up wrong) and I was looking at about $50 for their hourly service. This time I took a cab as I didn’t want to wait for the bus for a few hours in the cold and rain with my big ass PC. I get there and the guy takes one look and knows exactly what the issue is: I didn’t download my drivers. The guy who helped me even said he wasn’t going to charge me the full fifty dollars because of how simple a fix this was. So we began and things started off pretty well. 2/3 of the drivers downloaded with out any issues. The third just would not download. I was there for three hours as the professional tried to figure out what exactly was going wrong. A few times the guy had said that he was glad I had come in, because he liked solving challenges but this was so uncommon that he just wasn’t sure what to do.

As time went on I began to panic. This was going to end up costing me $150, and I wasn’t sure I had the cash to pay for it. But then the guy just stumbled upon the answer: my version of windows was the issue. He downloaded an updated version of Windows 10 and….IT FUCKING WORKED. While the OS was updating it just grabbed the drivers and I was good to go. The best news, because the eventual fix was so easy, the guy only charged me $20 like he said in the beginning.

I don’t know how common these kinds of issues are for other PC gamers, but I legitimately had to spend nearly 3 weeks getting the PC set up and fixed. Now that everything is working I am really happy with the PC over all (my internet sucks, so downloading is a pain in the ass) but frankly, this really made console gaming so much more preferable in my opinion. All the graphic power and mods in the world doesn’t means shit too me compared to ease of use. Even with all the PC-wannabe bullshit that consoles have pulled over the past decade, I still much prefer being able to just buy and setup my tech instead of having to spend weeks doing….all of this shit.

I hope you all enjoyed this little divergence, and I hope anyone looking to build your first PC have more luck at it than I did.

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