Persona 5 English Voice Cast Trailer

At this point there is not much left for me to say about Persona 5 other than “fuck it, i my just end up pre-ordering against my better judgement”. However, there is one thing i can think to say: that took forever. Fuckin’ hell, why has it taken this long to get an English VO trailer? The game has already become Atlus’ fastest selling game in japan, you’d think they’d want to use some of that hype to increase US sales. But until today it almost seemed like they just did not give a single shit about the US market. Granted, that may be true, i don’t know how the franchise has sold here, but as a fan i’ve been getting pretty damn antsy. So yeah, enjoy yet more proof that P5 is going to be killer while i try and decide on whether or not to pre-order or keep my dignity… to be honest, i’m lening pretty heavily towards the former.

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