Nintendo Switch (Finally) Gets Announced

After ages of rumors, the new Nintendo console has finally been announced. And it’s pretty much exactly what we were all thinking it was: a console-portable hybrid. That alone doesn’t bother me, i think this is an interesting idea an exactly the kind of hardware experiment i was expecting for a new Nintendo console. But as this is so much like what we’ve been hearing, i have to ask why they waited so long to release this trailer. With the sole exception of the move back to cart based games instead of disks, this is pretty much spot on what all the rumors i’ve heard were claiming. But let’s not focus on that right now. This trailer showed some more important things i want to talk bout, plus there’s some other news i found when looking through my news feed.

First off: Skyrim. While everyone makes jokes about how Nintendo rehashes the same franchises over and over, the fact is that you buy a Nintendo console for Nintendo games. With that being said, 3rd party support will never hurt a console, and this is looking like the first time Nintendo will actually have some since the N64 (and lets be honest, the gamecube was still pretty much “The Nintendo Box” even with the support it had). So for Nintendo to have Skyrim in the trailer so prominently leads me to think they are trying to make up for two console generations of too few games. Plus, Nintendo also released this image…

download…which also gives me a good bit of hope for what the console may be able to put out in the future.

However, there was one bit of information the trailer didn’t show, and that was the price. The Wii and The WiiU both stayed near the low end in terms of price compared to their competition. I’m hoping that continues, but i’ve seen a Swedish and Australian pre-order campaign for the Switch that may suggest otherwise.


Going off of what some one told me, those both are around $1100. That worries me. To be fair, the  EB Games listing does say it’s price of a “placeholder”, so my dread may be undo. But if Nintendo is going to try going toe to toe with Microsoft and Sony instead of just playing to their fan base, they are going to need toch that can stand up to the PS4 and Xbox One, and those are both costly machines. So at the very least i think we should be looking at around the $400-$500 price range. That seems fair when compared to the tech that’s out, But with the WiiU only being four years old and coming after a generation that lasted nearly a decade, that may be too much too soon for a lot of people. That is pure speculation on my end and i am not an economics major, but i think it’s something to keep an eye on nonetheless.

Other than that i kind of love everything we’ve seen here. This has actually made me consider buying a Nintendo console for the first time in ages and i can’t wait too see more from it.

All of that and i didn’t even make one BDSM joke regarding the name “Switch”. I’m either really proud or really disappointed in myself.

One thought on “Nintendo Switch (Finally) Gets Announced

  1. I’m very excited about the Nintendo Switch! And that third-party partner list is very encouraging for sure! The Wii U unfortunately did have a fair share of partners and eventually lost most of them. However, I have faith that if people can really get behind this system, that Nintendo will finally woo back the third parties that have been lost in a while. I will certainly be trying out new series that I hadn’t before on the Switch! I doubt that the Switch could possibly be $1100. If it were, I might actually reconsider getting it. $400 or $500 sounds more reasonable, but I hope it’s a little lower considering I’m also in it for the handheld portion and handhelds are generally cheaper. Whatever the case, I’m very excited!

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