The Bullshot Stops Here

In the wake of the controversy surrounding No Mans Sky and it’s use of Bullshots (images and videos not representative of a games final product), Valve just added a new rule for those hoping to use their storefront. The message to devs in the recent SteamWorks forum stated that “…images uploaded to the ‘screenshot’ section of you store page are actually screenshots of your game.” This means that only real, representative images of a game are allowed under Steams new rules. No concept art, no pre-rendered images, and no more bullshots. While it’s hard to praise Valve for doing this when it should have been the rule from day one, it is one of a few positive steps the company has been making lately to reign in some of nastier habits devs and publishers have been pulling.

It’s easy to forget in a lot of gaming circles, where cynicism has long set in after years of games never living up to the E3 stage demo, that not every one is quite clued into just how over blown video game advertisements can be. Again, this should have been done ages ago, but i find it hard to fault anything that helps gives consumers more power and information in their purchasing decisions.

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