Gone Home free on Itch.Io This Weekend

I’m about to get really political really fast and i’m neither going to apologist for it, nor am i going to deal with bigoted bullshit. So if you don’t think you can handle a little bit of politics in your gaming, leave now.

Less than a week ago a man who believes you can electrocute the gay out of teenagers was elected to one of the highest positions in the US government. Barely a year after the Supreme Court deemed gay marriage a constitutional right, the people of the USA elected a man who seeks to undo the few progressives steeps this nation has made towards becoming a more equal society. Now, more than ever, we need stories that focus on minority groups. Now more than ever we need Afrofuturism and Queercore and what the fuck ever you want to call your minority lead art.

I think the Fullbright Company agrees with that, as their game about a young lesbian finding love is free on Itch.Io for this weekend. I gave the game an overall score of 8.9/10 (you can find my review here, btw) so you know i’m not telling you too pick it up just becuase of the LGBT themes.  Yes, it is one of those dreaded “walking simulators”, but i truly feel Gone Home proves the genre has something of value to offer. If you need some positivity in the face of Americas intolerance, here’s about two hours worth for free.

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