Is Print Media A Profound Waste of Time? These Guys Don’t Think So.

I recently read a book called “The State of Play”, a collection of essays by critics and developers on video games as a cultural entity. While some of the essays were better than others, i loved the looking at games from both perspectives it offered. Unfortunately, there is only one volume of the book and it was released several years ago. After finishing it i couldn’t help but wish there was more, with more current and relevant issues being addressed.

It was about that time when i found this kickstarter for Caspian Whistler proposed magazine, A Profound Waste of Time. Just like State of Play, the magazine will feature both developers and critics/commentators, which will help give a much broader view of the video game landscape tan most established websites and….well, i want to say publications, but other than Game Informer are there any other games magazines being published anymore?

Some of the people they ave lined up to write included Ojiro Fumoto of Downwell fame, Jonathan Holmes from Destructoid, Temmie Chang of Undertale and my personal Goddess of Games Media, Laura Kate Dale of LetsPlayVideoGames.Com. If nothing else, that’s a pretty great line up, with plenty more already listed.

The kickstarter can be found HERE if you’re interested in checking it out or are considering donating. It’s already about 80% funded with 26 more days to go, so hopefully we’ll be seeing some more developments in the coming weeks.

And no, i did not bring this too your attention in hopes of creating a new outlet that may one day give me paid work, but that would be nice. To be honest, there have been so many sites shutting down over the past few years that it’s just nice to see someone trying to buck that trend.


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