Conan Exiles Trailer and Impressions

I am one of those people who genuinely believe that graphics are one of if not the least important parts of a game. But this, this looks bad. I mean really bad. This looks like the kind of game that Jim Sterling would use for his ironically titled “Best of Steam Greenlight Trailers” series. That’s not just becuase of the PS2 looking visuals either. Conan is such a cultural icon that using it as the bases for what looks to be just another boring survival game shows a near total lack of creativity. That plus the “Pre Early Access” visuals make it hard no to think this is just jumping on the Early Access bandwagon for the same reason most developers do: to ring as much money as they can out of an unfinished project then jump ship before releasing the full game.

That kind of sucks to see as the developer hasn’t pulled a stunt like that before (in so far as i am aware). Hell, a few one or two of their games even had my attention until i learned they were MMOs, which i just don’t care for. Maybe that means i’m worrying too much here, but i’ll stick to the line of thought the precedent has set until proven wrong.

3 thoughts on “Conan Exiles Trailer and Impressions

  1. I actually do care about graphics and if I were to believe your claim that you don’t think graphics are that important, then I’d place myself on the opposite end of the spectrum from you on the stance of how important high-quality graphics are in a video game.

    That being said, your statements sure seem to indicate that you actually do care an awful lot about graphics and you’re basing your opinion on a trailer for an alpha product. In any case, I think the graphics look fine at the current point in development. I will, of course, not base my ultimate decision on whether this game is any good or not on this trailer or your poorly-formed opinion.


    • I don’t really know where to begin in replying to this. First of all, this is MY site where i post MY opinions. I’ve never claimed otherwise. I’m not here to tell YOU how to feel about anything. If you disagree, cool. I’d even be willing to chit chat about it if you’re first instinct wasn’t to be such an ass about it. Second of all, i really do think game play matters more than visuals, but that doesn’t stop this from being a truly ugly game too look at. When you add that to the uninspired looking game play, this just looks like every other shovel-wear survival game that clutters steam. The kind that ask for money under the guess of “early access” but then never get finished. Third: the entire point of an alpha product is to be scrutinized. I think this looks (well, i should say “looked” as this post in almost two months old now, adding to just how odd it is that you chose to be so hostile over it) like crap, and i’d rather the devs know that while there is still time to fix it. Lastly: trailers literally exists for people to form opinions about something before having the ability to engage with the product. Even if this terns out to be the single greatest game ever made, this trailer did not have the creators putting their best foot forward. This is how they chose to announce their game, this is the, saying “hey every one, we have something we would like your money for”. All i am saying is “by what you showed, i’m not impressed”. And if that really bothers you this much: either you’re working on the game and….dude, learn to handle criticism better….or you are waaaaaaay too invested in something this silly and should probably go outside a little more often.


  2. Excellent write up! I have been waiting so long for this game and now I have to only wait a few more hours! Having read you article has just made me even more excited for the release! Keep up the great Reviews 🙂


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