Sony Reaches out to Dubebro Demographic with awful Xbox Style Controller

You know what i’ve always liked about Sony and Playstation? The Controller. I;ve found the PS controller to be the most comfortable over all, and i like that it has never changed in any meaningful way. Yes, you can fell the difference between the PS4 and PS1 controllers, but they’ve stayed pretty consistent. Well, it seems like some idiot convinced Sony that emulating the god-awful Xbox controller was a good idea. Microsoft hand-sore has evolved in much the same way, becoming more palatable over the hardware generations, but one of the main reasons i don’t like the Xbox is because i don’t like the controller. Because of that the fact that this exists with Sonys Ok is……a lot more understandable that i’d like to admit but still something that bothers me on a personal level.

Okay lets be real here: Espots that use controllers tend to use Xbox controllers and Sony is going to want in at some point. Most PC games with controller support only are really only designed to support Xbox controllers and with Steam now allowing full PS4 controller support it makes logical scene to give people a version of the controller they’re probably already more familiar with. But, if the internet has taught me anything it’s that just because something make logical scene that doesn’t mean i have to like it. So if you’d like to spend $113 on this abomination, go head.

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